Baharloo Self-Learning method for Violin
Playing Persian Music on Violin
Percia Baharloo
Baharloo Self-learning Method for Violin
Playing Persian Music on Violin (Book #1 Recording)

This is the first Self-learning Method for Violin published in
Iran.  It took my dear departed father, Mohammad Baharloo, 5
years to write this book.  This violin method was published in
1955 and was continued by publishing 5 other books
covering all the Persian Music forms for the first time in the
history of the Iranian music.

He was teaching his method for more than 50 years in his
Music Institute (oldest one in Iran).  I grew up in his music
lessons and my wish is to capture all those wonderful
moments he was passionately instructing his students.  In
these recordings you would hear the pieces exactly the same
way he used to play them.  These pieces were never
recorded before and it is my honor to dedicate this recording
to my beloved father.

The lessons 1 and 2 are just to find the finger positions on
the violin and have no recording.  The lessons 3 to 16 have
the metronome beats to help the students.  The lessons 17
to 25 are recorded both with and without the metronome
beats as transitional lessons to teach the students to carry
out the beats independently.  The lessons 26 to 43 have no
metronome beats.  A few advanced lessons are
accompanied with the Tonbak as the percussion.  There are
a few advanced lessons that introduce the students to the
various forms of the Persian Music.



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